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Service and Support

A program is only as good as the service it provides the customer. Furthermore, the service is only as good as the people who are responsible for executing it on our customers behalf. Our dedication to superior customer service has been proven time and time again. We are staffed with turf experts at every level of our business. Prime Turf has consistently exceeded our customer’s expectations for critical elements of service such as:

  • Safe, Efficient Delivery
  • Equipment Installation and Service
  • Continuing Care Programs
  • Service Contracts
  • Start Up And Winterization Programs
  • Special On-Site Performance Monitoring Programs
  • Rapid Response To Trouble Shooting Calls
  • Water & Soil Testing

Equipment Installation and Start up – Prime Turf customers enjoy a full installation commitment covering all our chemical feed and monitoring systems. We install the systems complete along with any / all related equipment purchased from Prime Turf. During start up, our customers receive a comprehensive training on the equipment design and functionality along with a general program summary and full documentation. Our attention to detail assures a smooth program implementation and trouble free operation.

Delivery – Our unique chemistries are delivered in state-of-the art, custom-built tanker trucks. We provide our own certified delivery specialist. They are instructed on proper chemical handing techniques and safety considerations to ensure efficient and safe chemical transfer.

Water / Soil Testing – We provide, no obligation, complete water analysis. Third party, independent experts at Brookside laboratories develop a comprehensive assessment of the irrigation water which becomes the foundation of the database used to design and monitor the performance of our treatment programs.

System Audits – A complete review of your goals, existing conditions and the current state irrigation treatment is summarized in a series of formal recommendations / proposals designed to optimize your overall objectives related to turf quality. Year-end performance reviews are conducted after each season.

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