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pH Control


RENEWTMis a water treatment amendment. When added to irrigation water Renew controls the destructive dissolved salts and bicarbonates that are harmful to your turf by lowering alkalinity and improving water penetration. RENEW is uniquely formulated compound MCDS (Monocarbamide dihydrogen sulfate) a safe non hazardous material specifically designed for use into irrigation systems.

What is ION?

ION is a unique conditioner for irrigation water. Containing a combination of hydration and infiltration surfactants and monocarbamide dihydrogen sulfate (MCDS), ION – reduces the pH of irrigation water and improves the infiltration of water into and throughout the root zone.

Product Information

Destroying the Myth

The amount of Nitrogen added is well below the minimum values typically used in Nitrogen applications. The observed growth and greening can then be attributed to the benefits of the other components and actions of the pHairway treatment.

Chemical Injection Equipment

Click here for more information on our chemical injection equipment used with this product. Zebra mussel impacts and control

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