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Fertigation is the practice of fertilizing through irrigation.

Why Fertigate?

When applying fertilizers through a Fertigation system, there are several benefits. Applications can be targeted to specific areas, less equipment is used and fertilizer is applied into the soil, where it will be most effective. This means fertilizer can be applied at a lower rate and be more efficient and inexpensive to suit the exact needs of the plant.

Liguid Products

Liquid fertilizers can be custom formulated and can be delivered to control growth. Leaching of nutrients is minimized because of the low application rates. Excess fertilizer is stored in a tank, not in the soil where it may leach out.

The following is a list of some of our fertilizer products. We are also able to custom blend any fertilizers to specifications upon request.

Chemical Injection Equipment

Click here for more information on our chemical injection equipment used with this product.

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