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Liquid Chemicals


Fertigation is the practice of applying nutrients through the
golf irrigation system. It can be viewed in several ways:

  1. The proportional injection of liquid fertilizers/nutrients into
    irrigation mainlines.
  2. The blanket coverage over all irrigated areas with nutrient-bearing
  3. The frequent application of light amounts of nutrients (spoon
    Feeding), especially effective during periods of high environmental turf
    grass stress.
  4. A strategic method of applying fertilizers/nutrients to new
    construction and grow in situations, eliminating any damage to young
    plants caused by mechanical ground driven spreader units.

Fertigation has been seen as a modern tool that can help accomplish the goals of agronomic and aesthetic turf grass needs with relative ease. It enhances the efficiency of nutrient uptake of both turf and ornamentals.

Easy to use, a Fertigation station can simplify the application of needed plant-nutrients. A proportional feed system can give the Superintendent the ability to manage controlled applications of products in required ratios. It allows the turf professional to select exactly what he needs and when it needs it. Whether it’s a simple application of micronutrients or a complex blend of essential nutrients, flexibility and efficiency is the key element to this turf grass management tool.

Fertigation, as the name implies, is a practical solution for many of the common problems that arise from the intensive maintenance regimes of the modern day turf grass management programs.

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Fertigation is the practice of fertilizing through irrigation. Why Fertigate? When applying fertilizers through a Fertigation system, there are several benefits. Applications can be targeted to specific areas, less equipment is used and fertilizer is applied into the soil, where it will be most effective. This means fertilizer can be applied at a lower rate …

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pH Control

RENEWTM RENEWTMis a water treatment amendment. When added to irrigation water Renew controls the destructive dissolved salts and bicarbonates that are harmful to your turf by lowering alkalinity and improving water penetration. RENEW is uniquely formulated compound MCDS (Monocarbamide dihydrogen sulfate) a safe non hazardous material specifically designed for use into irrigation systems. RENEWTM water …

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