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Sports Turf System pH Control & Monitoring Station

The Prime Turf Series PT990 Sports Turf System is the latest version in standard baseline pH water treatment control specifically designed for sports turf applications and smaller acreage properties.

Bicarbonate reduction and pH control has never been easier or more cost efficient.

System includes all of the latest software and controller features of our larger Golf Turf models while taking full advantage of the ability to be installed in smaller stand alone locations.

Installation only requires a “dry” electrical contact and a location to discharge sample water and the Manager gains full control of the water treatment process. The smaller pumps and footprint allow the Sports Turf Manger the flexibility required for multiple ball pump sites and field locations .

The complete system can be started up, calibrated, and operated with the ease of one touch control panel. A high speed microprocessor accurately manages the dosage rate while a real time pH value is displayed on a digital LED readout.

System is a compact wall or strut mounted system designed to accurately maintain the pH of irrigation water automatically. Pump sizing to the desired acreage and flow makes this a versatile tool at any location.

The Sports Turf Series system incorporates corrosion resistant pumps in all wetted areas and Prime Turf’s own patented injection lance technology.

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