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pH Control Units

G2 - programmable chemical injection station
pH Control Injection Stations

Prime Turf Inc. has combined the benefits of pH control with matched state of the art acid injection equipment and components. Our equipment ranges from the latest in technology like the G2 – a stand-alone, true VFD drive system that offers precise chemical control for up to 4 different injected products (including liquid fertilizers) to our simpler and economical Pro 18 that paces the dosing of chemical into irrigation water automatically. Whatever your needs are, we have the right injection unit for you!

The Prime Turf family of skid mounted metering stations are designed for maximum reliability and performance. All stations are self contained ready to install units which provide continual flow and pH monitoring of irrigation water. This real time monitoring not only maximizes the benefits to turf but also minimizes budgetary concerns.


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Sports Turf System pH Control & Monitoring Station

The Prime Turf Series PT990 Sports Turf System is the latest version in standard baseline pH water treatment control specifically designed for sports turf applications and smaller acreage properties. Bicarbonate reduction and pH control has never been easier or more cost efficient. System includes all of the latest software and controller features of our larger …

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V77 “Plug n Play” pH Control & Monitoring Station

V77 pH Control & Monitoring Station

“Plug n Play” pH Control & Monitoring Station The Prime Turf Series V77 System is the latest version in standard baseline pH control. It replaces our prior generation PT 900 systems to include enhancements to software increasing features and benefits to prior models. The complete system can be started up, calibrated, and operated with the …

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