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Injection Equipment

Prime Turf’s line of chemical injection equipment primarily used for pH control and liquid fertilizer applications are the best and most reliable available today.

Over the past 5 years, Prime Turf has developed and manufactured a line of proprietary equipment designed by chemical feed experts in close conjunction with turf management professionals.

Each unit is individually built by us to ensure reliability and performance. In addition, we have specially trained technicians for all of your service and support needs. We are proud to say that our Service Team is unmatched in the industry. 

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Fertigation Units

Fertigation Units Fertigation is the practice of fertilizing through irrigation. Prime Turf Fertigation stations are compact, skid mounted systems that accurately feed liquid fertilizers into irrigation water automatically. The system uses a sensor to measure flow in the main irrigation line. An optically isolated flow signal is transmitted to a microprocessor which adjusts the pump …

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pH Control Units

pH Control Injection Stations Prime Turf Inc. has combined the benefits of pH control with matched state of the art acid injection equipment and components. Our equipment ranges from the latest in technology like the G2 – a stand-alone, true VFD drive system that offers precise chemical control for up to 4 different injected products (including …

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