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Prime Turf, Inc. offers a variety of golf course management products that meet the critical demands superintendents face today. From liquid chemicals and injection equipment to algae control and irrigation system monitoring and alarms – Prime Turf has it all!

Prime Turf was named an authorized Otterbine Fountan Distributor for Florida!

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Injection Equipment

Prime Turf’s line of chemical injection equipment primarily used for pH control and liquid fertilizer applications are the best and most reliable available today. Over the past 5 years, Prime Turf has developed and manufactured a line of proprietary equipment designed by chemical feed experts in close conjunction with turf management professionals. Each unit is …

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Liquid Chemicals

  To arrange an audit of your course, call us at 800.677.8097 or email at Fertigation Fertigation is the practice of applying nutrients through the golf irrigation system. It can be viewed in several ways: The proportional injection of liquid fertilizers/nutrients into irrigation mainlines. The blanket coverage over all irrigated areas with nutrient-bearing water. …

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