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Grounds Maintenance Vacuum System

Mud-Vac 100 Vacuum Excavation System

Prime Soil’s Mud-Vac 100 is specifically designed for superintendents to easily clean-up, clean-out and excavate hard to handle wet, sticky, muddy materials. It’s unique design minimizes damage to the golf course and surrounding areas.

The Mud-Vac 100 will deliver impressive results by minimizing the time and effort invested in a repair project.

Mud-Vac’s are versatile, powerful systems specifically configured for vacuuming of wet and dry debris. Mud-Vac combines high-pressure water and vacuum capabilities into a compact package offering proven performance, exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion, and superior filtration. A dependable positive displacement blower, gasoline power source, and a high-pressure water system are combined on a single

The system is built PRIME tough and offers the features required for simple, efficient, and reliable operation.

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