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Why Prime Turf?

“The Value Added Difference”

Prime Turf has proven its commitment to our customers through the effective management of a comprehensive Value Added Program designed to provide results at an economical cost.

Top performance and maximum benefits come from the COMBINATION of Chemical, Application Expertise, Equipment and Service. The relationship of these elements is essential to providing our customers with the results they are investing in.

Each component of the Total Value Program can be compared to the legs of a table. Each leg supports the foundation upon which results and performance rest. Without one of these elements, the results cannot be achieved.

Prime Turf has built an integrated bundle of unmatched capabilities to offer our clients.

Patented manufacturing processes producing unique, high quality chemistries are combined with full on-site service and application expertise providing safe, reliable chemical delivery by certified experts in custom designed Prime Turf trucks. This service is extended to the installation and ongoing maintenance of proprietary control, feed and monitoring equipment specifically designed to implement the program in the most cost-effective means possible.

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